Monthly Archives: January 2016

Getting Above the Clouds




I have not been writing in my blog recently. Many times over the past couple of weeks I have found myself in front of a blank screen, fingers held over the keyboard and… nothing.

So here I sit today trying to hit the reset button on my blog.

2016 has begun and I am having a great time! I have embarked on a new challenge in my career and am enjoying the journey so far. I am busier than ever but I feel energized.

I just finished reading “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon. It is a book about a guy named George who gets up one day and discovers that he has a flat tire, just what he needs given that his home and work life are not going well. George asks his wife to give him a ride to work but she refuses so he has no choice but to take the bus.

The story continues as George meets the bus driver named Joy and a cast of characters who teach him 10 life lessons about positive energy, all while using a bus as a metaphor for life.

The underlying message is that you must think positive thoughts because thoughts are magnetic. “What we think about, we attract.” I have certainly found this to be so within my own life.

We all go through periods in our lives where things just seem to be going all wrong and we tend to look at only the negatives during these times. But, if we try to turn our thoughts in a positive direction, and believe me I know this can be quite difficult, we will find that the clouds will part. Positivity is like a muscle that you need to exercise in order for it to become stronger.  You have to develop a habit of positive thinking. And, as Gordon puts it, you must not allow any “energy vampires” on your bus.

There may be people in our lives that have a negative impact on our energy, the ones who act as energy vampires and seem to thrive on negativity. You have to be sure that your positive energy is enough to cancel their negative. You have to have those crucial conversations with these people to let them know that you will not allow them to impact your path or vision in a negative way. That if they are not willing to develop a more positive outlook then there is no room for them on your bus. You don’t waste your energy on the people who are not willing to ride along with you and be a member of your team.

It is also important to acknowledge that the positivity which you project is real. People know when you are being fake,  like when you constantly throw around “I love you” and “You’re the best” to everyone you meet.

When building relationships that are authentic, you have to be aware of your energy. People, especially kids, can tap into your energy and are sensitive to it, they can feel when you are excited, angry, nervous…you can’t fool them with a positive façade. You may wonder, as George does in the book, what to do with your negative energy. Well, you have to transform it, look for the good and hold onto it. Rise above the negative. Its like when you are flying in a plane and the sky is completely cloud covered, but when you get up above those clouds, the sun is shining brightly. You just have to get above the clouds.

When you are working on building a strong, productive team, you need to show that you care about people. Be willing to communicate, and don’t let how busy or stressed you may feel interfere with that. You need to give people a purpose. This is the intrinsic motivator, productive teams are not driven by money or perks,  they are driven by purpose. You have to be willing to act as a coach to help people tap into their strengths, build their skills, feel that what they do matters.

Take risks, encourage others to do so, spend time reflecting and finally… you have to enjoy the ride. Life is too short not to go for it!