I recently read a blog post by StephJ, Happiness – 101 Simple Things,  and I am inspired to reflect on what happiness means to me.

If you look up happiness in the dictionary you will find, ‘the state of being happy’. That doesn’t really help does it?

There is certainly no shortage of quotes about happiness. Some of my favourites include:

Okay Ernest, so if I feel happy I must be…. stupid?

  • “Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.”
    Mark Twain

Even better… if I’m happy I must be insane.

  • “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi, I knew I could count on you to be uplifting. Thank you for that.

For me, I think happiness is something we all seek and it comes and goes throughout life, for if it didn’t we could never truly appreciate it. It’s a state of being, of living in the moment and letting the moment flow through you. It can feel big and loud and burst out of you as hearty laughter or in can be small and quiet and warm your heart in quiet reticence.

Here are 101 little things in my life which make me happy, in no particular order:

  1. Vacations with my family
  2. Sunsets
  3. The ocean
  4. Sunsets on the ocean (nirvana!)
  5. Soft, warm, homemade bread fresh from the oven, slathered with butter
  6. A clean kitchen
  7. Baking
  8. Warm, fuzzy socks
  9. Baby animals, particularly baby beavers
  10. Chocolate, dark chocolate, 85% or greater
  11. A good book that I just can’t put down
  12. Sitting by the campfire with family and friends
  13. Perfectly toasted marshmallows
  14. Dry red wine
  15. Funny chemistry jokes, often funny to me but not always funny to other people
  16. The fresh smell of clothes after being dried on a clothesline
  17. Fish, chips, dressing and gravy
  18. Listening to my favorite song
  19. Quiet time
  20. A good cup of coffee
  21. Walking on the sea wall
  22. A new pairs of boots
  23. Memories of times with my grandparents, I was so lucky to have four special grandparents who were a big part of my childhood
  24. Flowers
  25. Walking on a beach
  26. When someone else plans my vacation and hands me the itinerary
  27. Recognition for a job well done
  28. Camping with my family
  29. Floating on the lake
  30. Hiking with my family
  31. Leaving town
  32. The Minions
  33. Window shopping
  34. The first light fall of snow, just a dusting, not 5 feet, that I can do without
  35. Hugging my parents when they pick me up at the airport
  36. Impromptu hugs from my kids
  37. Long walks with my husband
  38. Sunshine
  39. The smell of fresh ground coffee
  40. Dinner with friends
  41. Gelato
  42. Exploring a new place
  43. Getting my hair done
  44. High speed Wi-Fi
  45. Changing into my pyjamas after a long day at work
  46. Lazy Saturday mornings
  47. Sewing with my mother
  48. When I finish knitting a scarf
  49. Learning something new
  50. Positive comments
  51. Eating the blue potatoes that my Dad grows in his garden
  52. An empty laundry hamper
  53. The smell of fresh basil
  54. Hummingbirds
  55. Organizing
  56. Card making with friends
  57. Conversations that challenge me
  58. Legging outfits
  59. Enthusiastic people who are interested in sharing new ideas and working together
  60. Using a router
  61. Thunder and lightning
  62. The smell of freshly cut grass
  63. Gardening
  64. Hanging out clothes early in the morning
  65. Hitting ‘publish’ when I complete a blog post
  66. Hearing a Newfoundland accent
  67. Cod fishing with family and friends
  68. Disneyland
  69. Fireworks
  70. Brunch
  71. Helping a friend
  72. Playing cards
  73. The Game of Things with family and friends
  74. Laughing until I cry
  75. Puppies
  76. Watching my kids play their musical instruments
  77. Looking at old photos
  78. Museums
  79. Seeing a light go on in someone’s eyes when they learn something new
  80. Reminiscing with friends
  81. A comfy bed
  82. The smell of Sunday dinner cooking at Mom and Dad’s
  83. The smell of bacon cooking outside on a Coleman while camping
  84. Picnics
  85. Going for a drive somewhere new
  86. Hot soup on a cold day
  87. Rainbows
  88. Starry nights
  89. A day with nothing planned
  90. Bookstores
  91. Trying new foods
  92. Catching capelin
  93. When the doctor tells you good news
  94. The sound of beach rocks moving with the waves
  95. The colours of autumn
  96. Money in the bank
  97. A hot shower
  98. Completing a project
  99. The beginning of summer
  100. Sand between my toes
  101. Homemade pie made by someone other than me

So there is my list. Little things that bring me feelings of happiness. I found that compiling this list brought me happiness, made me laugh out loud sometimes, brought specific memories to mind. If you decide to compile your own list please let me know. A big thank you to StephJ for the idea!


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  1. Yay! I love your list, reading it made me smile. Baby beavers? Who wouldn’t love that? I am glad you stuck it out and made it to 101, and I hope it brought you some happiness to reflect on in your own life. 🙂

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