Reflections on Lenses of Leadership


This past week I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to participate in Lenses of Leadership at UBC. This is a BCPVPA Short Course which brings together more than 125 school administrators and 19 facilitators to share, connect, inspire, learn and reflect. This course is specifically designed for new administrators as they enter into their leadership roles. I had heard many great things about the course and I was looking forward to taking part.

Throughout the week many powerful words resonated with me and still do, as I reflect on my learning.  Words like Trust, Culture, Values, Vision, Relationships. Each day we explored aspects of the BCPVPA Leadership Standards, as our presenters shared their experiences as they related to Moral Stewardship, Instructional Leadership. Relational Leadership and Organizational Leadership. The underlying theme throughout the week was that we, as educators and leaders, are partners in shaping the future through education.

When I left the beautiful, inspirational environment of UBC, I felt that I had been a part of something that will remain with me throughout my life and career. As I said my goodbyes to the colleagues that had shared the experience with me, that inspired me beyond words, I felt a true sense that we are in this together.

My participation in the short course has led to my attempt to write a blog for the first time. I was inspired by my colleagues who are so brave as to put their ideas out there for others to see. I plan to use this platform to reflect on my learning, develop my personal growth plan and hopefully, in some way, help others who are in this challenging, sometimes overwhelming, but always rewarding, field of education.

The topic for Day 1 was Moral Stewardship, led by Adam Baumann and Liz Bell. This dynamic duo challenged us to think about the processes that we use in ethical decision making, and the struggles we face when deciding between right and right. We explored different case studies and shared how we would follow the process to arrive at a decision that was in line with our values. We were asked to compile a list of 5 of our core values that we could put on a sign above our office door. So many values come to mind, and these may change as days pass, but in this moment, I would choose: Inclusion, Honesty, Acceptance, Responsibility and Integrity.

What 5 core values would you choose?


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